October 29, 2011

I have decided...

...that I am the worst blogger in the world!

When I was home I found it easy to blog about 
how I love life in Italy, and now that I am here
I'm finding no time to blog at all!
Partly because my little apartment does not 
have the right wiring set up for internet, 
and partly because my weeks have just become
so densely packed with running about here and there
and I haven't found the time to sit, relax, and collect my thoughts. 
...Did I give the same excuse in my last entry too?

I love blogging, I do! 
There's something about it that is really refreshing and
almost stress relieving. 

So anywaysss, 
To my actual post, 
I have been waiting for this day and these hours to do nothing but lay around in my
apartment in my pajamas, drink green tea, snack on nutella (yes, just nutella lol) 
and watch movies aaalll day. 

At least this is my plan when I leave this little cafe where I come to use the free wifi :)
I am proud of myself because I did accomplish a lot this week *pat on the back*
I started teaching English to another family 
(this one is a real challenge because, well the only word they know is "Yes"...literally)

I reconnected with friends who I desperately needed time with
We enjoyed Aperitivo, Campo di Fiori, and last night a much needed night out dancing at "Babel."
Which is a pretty good club by the way, good music, but drinks are way to expensive!
This weeks craziness also consisted of:
An awesome Mexican party at Andrea's house
Adventures to random post offices as I venture into the next chapter of attempting to get a 
"Permesso di Soggiorno." 
Ick, not looking forward to paying 100 euro for that =( 
A successful search for a roommate! :) :) :) 
Heck yes!
Classes everyday, study group (yes, I study this semester)
Teaching English lessons almost everyday 
(providing me with $$ for dancing, day trips, and other funly things) 
Hours spent crouched over my book and Italian dictionary trying to 
understand LOGICA, a super tricky class, disguised with an easy sounding name, 
and a really friendly professor. 
Of coarse hanging out with Niccolo and Giulio (my Italian buddies up the road) 
I went to see "A Dangerous Method" in Italian with a friend...
 I'm not sure that I would recommend it
The acting was good, but the story is sad and dry
But in a depressing sort of way, and you end up hating the characters
And there were far too many "awkward turtle" moments.

Well I am off to enjoy these precious hours of nothingness,
Tomorrow, Sunday, I go back to having things to do.
But I am very excited to be volunteering for a few 
hours tomorrow with Mother Teresa's order, near the Vatican. 
I think it will be a good experience

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  1. Wow, Angela, I love your blog! I enjoy your writing and you have such a creativeness about you. Its so refreshing. I love all your stuff on Pintrest, so different than the norm! Love it!


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