October 7, 2011

Buonasera Italia!

Well I just got back to Rome on Monday and things have been crazy
but wonderful!
I forgot how much I love Italy! 
I also forgot how much I really needed to study Italian back home, lol
But it's alright, thank God for my friends who are helping me remember things. 
So I arrived Monday night, not having slept at all the whole 24 hours it took me 
to get here, and there waiting for me were my good friends Niccolo and Giulio!
They drove me back to the little town I live in, and we had dinner at their place. 
The past few days have been a little chaotic, trying to figure out my class schedule
and what I have to catch up in. 
Also I am trying to find a roommate, because Paloma graduated. 
Any takers for living by the Mediterranean Sea?
Well, I wanted to write more but I have a skype date =)
Ciao ciao!

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