August 31, 2011

Forever in awe... (My weekend in Cinque Terre)

Before I left Italy :'(  to return to Philadelphia for the summer, I took a small trip with friends :)

It was simply indescribable! 
But, if I had to sum it up in one word, it would be: breathtaking

Where did I go?
I hit the road with a couple friends and drove to Cinque Terre

“Le Cinque Terre” translates to “the five towns.” 
And so they are five little quaint towns built 
right on the edge of the Ligurian Sea.
(Don’t worry, I didn’t know that that was a sea either) 

What’s cool about them, other than the fact 
that they have been very well preserved, 
and have breathtaking views, is that they 
attract a certain type of tourist...

If you are content with the following requirements, 
Le Cinque Terre might just be your dream destination:
·         You don’t need a 5 star hotel. A thrifty little room with a creaky wooden door, and a   balcony overlooking the water, is perfect for you! 

·         You like pesto and seafood. (Cinque Terre is the birthplace of pesto-sauce) 

·         - You’re a risk-taker, and have always wanted to dive off a rocky cliff! 

·         - You enjoy hiking, and taking time to appreciate the simple beauty of nature. 

·         - You’re ok with giving up a night or two of clubbing, to sit by the sea, enjoy some good wine, and watch the sun go down.

If these things are all agreeable with you, 
add “Spend a weekend in Cinque Terre” to your bucket list!!

Here are some snapshots from my trip, and little tips 
on how to make the most of your trip :)  ...

 Make friends with the fisherman

Me (the blonde) and my fabulous friends Paloma and Sher. 
Yes, I do realize I just used poor grammar. 
 Rent a boat for 20 euro an hour

Tell your landlord you want a view
of the sea. 
This is our "too cool to be true room." Right there, 
that little orange balcony. 

Sleep on your patio. 
(Can you blame us?)

If your brave, jump off a cliff!
 You can walk all 5 towns in 1 day, but it's better in 2
Jump in :) 

Walk "the way of love"

Enjoy a bottle of wine

Make friends with the locals
Go photo crazy

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