November 4, 2011

There's a storm a brewin...

Early in the morning, 
Before school, before the sun has come up,
I'm not sure which animal I want to shoot more, 
The rooster that crows at 3 in the morning, 
Or the dog across the street that barks at me when I step out my door at 6...

Then I look out my train window,
And for a few minutes see nothing but the Mediterranean,
And I am in total bliss.
I love living here. 

Yesterday I was watching the news at my friends house, 
And was informed that this weekend there will be non-stop rain. 
So today is the beautiful day before the storm, its windy but warm. 
So excited it's Friday! Time for some fun in the city :) 
Classes are over, English lessons too... Benvenuto weekend!

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