February 28, 2012

Zis feels Vierd...

It feels weird to be away from the internet for so long,
isn't that sad?
I really shouldn't need it as much as I do.
But it also feels good to be able to post on my blog again!

The sky's been brighter making the sea a bit bluer here in Italy.
Tourists are wearing sandals again
and Trastevere is no longer deserted at 2 am.

What have I been doing with myself?
Absorbing every ounce of sunshine possible,
Enjoying the first two weeks of a new semester of classes
{not being sarcastic there}

Hunting down some good sales in the tiny cobblestone alleys,
My favorite finds?
Some black patent leather oxfords, and little pair of nerdy glasses.

Yesterday was my best friend's birthday,
After a wonderful birthday lunch with friends from Mexico,
We strolled down to Castel Sant'Angelo, sat along the river,
And talked about the adventures we have planed for this Spring.

And it's going to be una bella avventura to say the least!

 Can you say: Veniceitalykrakowwarsawpolandmadridspainallinthesamesentence?

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