February 29, 2012

One of those crazy-up-in-my-head days

I don't know about you or what it's like where you are in the world,
but here in Rome and back home in Philadelphia,
I feel like ALL of my friends--ok--maybe that's an exaggeration,
Most of my friend,
Are either getting married, having babies, or starting new careers,
Or even 2 of those at a time!

Now I know I have nothing to complain about,
I'm just 23 and I'm living in Rome. That's a dream for a lot of people.
I do love living here, I love traveling and exploring the world,
But I am beginning to crave something solid,
Something firm in my life that wont change.

I know,
This doesn't sound like me at all.
Maybe it's just one of those phases or mood-swings that hit me every now and then.
I'm sure I'll be back to normal tomorrow.

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