January 13, 2012

We interrupt this 20 day intense period of study to bring you this important announcement.

I have found the Italian equivalent of BACON!!
Alleluia may Jesus be praised! But really!

For all of you bacon-lovers
who have been dealing with the long distance relationship
and thought there was no hope...
A funny accident in the kitchen has led me to be reunited with bacon!

You know Prosciutto Crudo right?

If not than you are missing out on a real Italian experience..
It's cured ham that's been aired out, packaged up or sliced, and
trucked to your nearest Carefour Express =)

Or maybe you've seen it served in restaurants like this...

 It's definitely an acquired taste, I remember that I didn't like it much at first.
But now, after living here for a year, I just can't get enough!
It's great paired with melon, mozarella cheese and/or tomatoes :)
And, as I have just discovered, when fried it tastes just like bacon!

All you need to do is fry "Prosciutto Crudo" over a flame to
crispy perfection!!

So yes, it's time for all you Italian bacon-lovers to be reunited!!!

And now *sigh* back to my studying cave...

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