January 6, 2012

Resolution: CHECK

It's only day 6 of the year 2012,
and I am proud to say that I have kept
up with my New Years Resolution so far!!


Well, the "traveling" one anyway...
I just got back from a 3 days trip to
San Giovanni in Rotonda, and Salerno!

I was hoping to post a picture of each place,
but a storm is passing over Rome,
and so my internet is not allowing me to :(

So I will attempt to paint a picture of each with words,

San Giovanni in Rotonda: a beautiful little quiet town
in the south-eastern hills of Italy's boot heel. Most famous
for it's beloved Italian saint "Padre Pio" (miracle-working Catholic priest)
The people who are lucky enough to live in this town are incredibly hospitable.
There is a heavy mist (because of the altitude) that lasts up until lunchtime,
which gives the town the feeling of another time.
It is a beautiful place to go for a spiritual get-away.

Salerno: a charming little sea-side town on the west
coast of Italy, just below Napoli. You can navigate through all
of the town's tiny stone streets in one day for sure.
I definitely recommend going during the Christmas season,
the street decorations and lights at night are incredible!
The pizza is also aMaZiNg,
and the little historic churches are just too cute to be true!

It really was a great couple of days.
I'm not really ready to step back into reality, and start cracking down on these exams :( 

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