January 26, 2012

Glad that's over

Tried my best {in the moment} for an oral exam,
which I by no means was prepared for.
Because I am the world's craziest procrastinator.
There's no doubt about it.
Let's just say I passed, but barely...why do I do this to myself?

Here in Italy, the professor "chooses" whether he
wants his exam to be written or oral.
But lets just be real with ourselves
{a phrase that does not exist in Italian, ha}
they always choose oral. 

Which for me is just a date with disaster.
Yes I can speak Italian,
but taking an exam in Italian is totally different ):
I don't have the same way of fluffing up my answers like I do in English!

And on top of everything, I blurted out the worst question possible
when the professor told me I was finished.
"Ho fatto male?"
Which means...
"I did bad, didn't I?"

Seriously Angela?

I decided not to let this sunny Thursday be any less bright after that disaster.
Did some vintage shopping with my good friend Ioana
{who you will see in the following pictures}
We also shopped for soap.

Pizza and friends make everything better don't they?

Looking forward to a free Friday,
which I plan to spend eating quesadillas, drinking tea,
and watching Downton Abbey (:


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